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Donation Application for Daniel Reiswich (born Nov. 24th 2011)

Dolphin aid e.V. is one of the very few registered relief organizations in Germany that provide help for individuals and the only one that does this on a large scale. That is why we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Our son Daniel was born on Nov. 24th 2011 in the 39th week of pregnancy by emergency C-section. He was diagnosed with a genetic defect. The mutation on the SLC9A6-gen hasn't been characterized as yet but it is likely to have caused Daniel's phenotype.

Unfortunately the emergency C-section has left its' marks. Since he was 13 months old Daniel suffers from distinct microcephaly, epileptic (often myoclonic) seizures, dystrophy, hypotonic and strabismus. He was also diagnosed with an overall developmental delay.

Daniel also has perceptual disorder and cannot actively talk. He has a district comprehension of words though and can point at the item you asked for.

When he was 3 years old, Daniel entered kindergarten in Speyer where he gets 1 on 1 care. He has lots of fun and he even gets his therapies there so his afternoons are free.
At 7 years of age, Daniel can sit upright by himself, but not stand up or walk.

Every 4-5 weeks we take Daniel to a registered German naturopath and osteopathy which we pay for ourselves because the health insurance doesn't cover this therapy.

Every Wednesday, Daniel goes swimming at the local hospital's pool. There is no supervision and we are free to swim with Daniel. We pay for these ourselves too.

Daniel has a wheelchair, a pram for special needs kids and a special walking aid so he can explore the world around him not only from his blanket.

Daniel can communicate through gestures and with his Rehatalkpad (a tablet with communication software).

Daniel suffers from cramps that affect his development. The reason for all the problems that Daniel had to deal with is the rare changes in chromosomes in his DNA. Doctors say that "Christcenson Syndrome" is a very rare diagnosis. This disease is still poorly understood. Doctors do not know how it will manifest itself in the future. He would make great progress if he did active rehab. Our boy has often surprised doctors and all of us with his successes. So help us not to miss the slightest opportunity for the maximum development of the son!

Changed chromosomes are the cause of many diseases of Daniel. This is epilepsy, hypotension, cognitive disorders, lack of concentration, acquired hip dysplasia

His health requires daily solutions to all kinds of problems, large and small. Day after day we struggle with them, we overcome all difficulties. It happens very difficult; from time to time there is a moral and physical exhaustion. At such moments my husband and I support each other, we do not let them fall into despair ... And from somewhere energy come, and again we want to live and make our son's life better. Despite everything, we are glad that we are together. When he smiles or laughs, or for the first time in his three years says: "Mom," we are ready to cry with happiness. We need him, and he needs us...

All his small and great achievements give us strength to fight. We rejoice even in the most insignificant Daniel successes. After all, this means that all is not for nothing, that we are moving in the right direction!


Daniel is 7 years old. In recent years, he learned a lot. To be frank, initially, no one could have foreseen that he would be capable of anything at all. We are very proud that he has such progress. And we cannot stop at what has been achieved!

Daniel is our sun, and we look forward to its further development. But if you do nothing and sit back, nothing will be achieved. We do our best to help, give impetus to our boy. But without your help we cannot cope...

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